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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Portal 2: Co-op Walkthrough – Part 1 [1080p HD] (PC/PS3/XBOX 360) (Gameplay)

Rating: 4

If you want to buy Portal 2: This is the first part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of the co-op in Portal II on the Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and PC. Played on th XBOX 360. Hope you enjoy. Please rate and subscribe. Developer: Valve Corporation Publisher: Valve Corporation

Coe's Quest – E150 – Courtyard of Charity

Rating: 4

50K4CP Video: Donate to Child’s Play: Learn about Child’s Play: Twitter Facebook: Blog: Chat IRC: #coesquest Minecraft – Music LapFox Trax: dB soundworks: (A) in Mono: “Minecraft Everyday” by Viktor Cepeda: “Minecraft – The Song (Acoustic Version)” by Bobby Yarsulik:

Thom Hartmann Germany creates 300000 jobs in 10 years with solar & renewable energy

Rating: 4

Thom Hartmann show. Germany created about 300000 jobs in about 10 years from solar and renewable energy. Germany uses 17% renewable energy. The US uses less than 1%. They created the equivalent of 8 nuclear power plants of solar. They might get to 100% renewable energy in Germany by 2030. This can create many new jobs in the US!


Rating: 0

ACP Shyamsunder (Shyam) is a tough and honest cop who gets into a tussle with the local don (Rahul Dev). The don threatens Shyams family and the police department arranges for the familys security. In comes Veera (Ravi Teja) as the protector and he mixes with the family but Shyams wife (Sridevi) doesnt like him. Meanwhile, there is Aikey (Taapsee) who falls for Veera and tries to woo him with Tiger (Brahmi) trying to cause trouble. The story takes a turn when Shyam discovers that Veera is not the real security officer. Who is Veera? Why does he come to help Shyam and his family? What happens to Aikeys love story? All this forms the rest of the story.

How to do Wing Chun Level 2: Lesson 15 " Trapping 2 " HD


Rating: 4

Master Wong Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 2 are basic techniques and aspects from our Sil Lim Tao, foot work, hand work, blocking, kick, punch, trapping, pad work, striking and the first energy drill: lap sao, punch drill, elbow drill all needed for the next level of training. With the focus on a practicality rather than tradition and olden day, our system really works today! This Product is Available for Instant Download to your Computer! In order to download this product, please click the link below to download our free MOD Machine media player. Once you have installed the MOD Machine on your computer, you can browse, purchase and download the video instantly! Try our FREE mini Wing chun training course Download at: Learn to become a member please visit our website:

Happiness – フレンズ (Friends)

Rating: 4

Artist : Happiness Title : フレンズ (Friends) Release : 2011.04.27 Genre : R&B Pop

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 7 – Part 1 (PS3/X360/PC) [HD]

Rating: 4

*Full Game* If you would like to buy Dead Space 2: This is the thirteenth part of a complete gameplay Dead Space 2 walkthrough for the XBOX 360, PC and Playstation 3. Played on XBOX 360. Hope you enjoy. Please rate and subscribe. Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: Electronic Arts

News: Africa Edition | Dude Perfect

Rating: 4

Never could have guessed how amazing Africa would be. These kids are incredible. Click to Tweet! Q&A below: Q: What group did you go with? A: An awesome organization called Visiting Orphans! This trip is happening again! If you want to go, click below! Q: Why are you guys so sad at the beginning? A: We did the shot on the Dump in Korah to raise awareness to the heartbreaking fact that hundreds of kids LIVE there right now. It was hard to take in, so that’s why we look so upset. But…the good news is we all have an opportunity to help. Project 61, the group linked below, specializes in lifting kids out of that dump. By helping their organization, we help the kids. After hanging out with these kids, we seriously can’t thank you enough!! Q: Where did you go? For how long? When? A: Ethiopia and Uganda. 2 Weeks. This summer. Q: Why’d you go? A:Us Dude Perfect guys believe in Jesus. He’s the most important part of our lives, and we felt like this trip was something He wanted us to do. Almost every kid you see in this video is an orphan. So by hanging out with them, we got a chance to show love to kids that simply don’t get a lot of love, especially from male role models. We wanted to love these kids the way Jesus does. And it was a blast. We can’t wait to go back. Q: How good were these kids at soccer? A: Super good. It wasn’t a fair fight. Q: I heard there’s a movie being made about this trip. True or False? A

2010 Honda Accord Walk around PART 1

Rating: 4

Good look at the backseat leg room and some other key spots…sorry got cut off again at the end but thats ok. I’m very short on time in my life

driving a bluebird tc2000 bus again

Rating: 4

driving a 1990 bluebird tc2000, with some views of the guages and switches.



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