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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Safari Ltd.® Nuremberg Toy Fair 2009

Rating: 4

Safari Ltd.® Nuremberg Toy Fair 2009

Origin of Mass – Search for the Higgs

Rating: 4

Phil Owen’s short film and Higgs Prize winner for the ATLAS Multimedia Contest.

Snoop Dogg LOVES Hot Pockets, 'Carrie' Teaser Trailer

Rating: 5

On today’s Brief hacker Gary McKinnon wins his extradition hearing, Snoop Dogg makes a new video for Hot Pockets and we get our first look at Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie. First up, British hacker Gary McKinnon’s decade-long battle against extradition to the US for hacking into military computers finally came to an end this week. Home Secretary Theresa May announced that she would block McKinnon’s extradition. Part of the reason the notorious hacker’s been given a break is that he suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which caused him to become obsessed with alien spaceships. Using commercially available software, McKinnon committed what US authorities called the “biggest military computer hack of all time”, gaining access to several machines that were lacking in security. Oh, and he did all this right around the time everyone was freaking out over 9/11. What do you guys think – is protecting McKinnon from a 60-year US prison sentence the right call? Next up, besides rebranding himself as reggae star Snoop Lion, Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg has also been busy adapting his music to sell Hot Pockets. You know, those cheesy, microwavable pizza bombs… Anyways, Snoop re-purposed his 2004 single Drop it Like it’s Hot into an ad campaign for the foodstuff called Pocket Like it’s Hot. The new song and video features DeStorm Power, comedian Andy Milonakis and Brodus Clay. It’s a little weird seeing a hardcore rapper shilling for Hot Pockets but given Snoop’s predilection for

Episode 734 – 26-02-2009

Rating: 5

Jigyasa and Aditya gear up to leave for the US to meet Ranvir. Ganga and Vicky try to sort out their differences. Ganga and Vicky again start arguing but Jai intervenes and tells them that he’ll guide them how to take business decisions. Jigyasa tells Bani she’ll come back soon to ruin her happiness. Jai plans a dinner for Bani. Both Jia and Bani are having a nice time together but suddenly Jai starts perspiring. Bani gets extremely tense as she finds out that jai suffered a heart attack.

iPod Shuffle – How to use iPod Shuffle's Earphones and its Built in Remote


Rating: 2

Learn about the built-in remote on your Shuffle earphones. Showhow2 is world s easiest self support platform. It makes complex technologies easy to understand and products simple to use. Now Everything is Easy!! To Watch More Easy Tutorial videos Subscribe to – Connect with SHOWHOW2 Explore:

[WATCH]: Shoulder Surgery Rehab Exercises | Part 4 | Shoulder Post-Op Protocol | Vail

Rating: 4

( Dr. Peter Millett is a Vail, Colorado orthopedic shoulder surgeon. In private practice with the Steadman Clinic in Vail, he is an expert in shoulder surgery and rehabilitation. He provides this series of videos on shoulder rehabilitation. This particular video demonstrates initial shoulder post operative exercises. The successful outcome of a shoulder surgery is as much dependent on the surgery itself as it is on the rehab protocol. The surgeon, his medical staff and the physical therapy team must work together to discuss the patient’s medical history, review surgical findings and procedures, and establish the rehabilitation guidelines. This communication continues throughout the recovery process and is an essential component in ensuring a successful outcome. The following video will take you through several aspects of the process of shoulder rehabilitation. Various treatments are discussed and several exercises are shown. To learn more about Dr. Millett, please visit his other social network sites at the following links On LinkedIn: On Twitter: On Facebook:

Girl Gamers – Let's Talk: Ep. 31 – Comic Con 2012

Rating: 5

Previous episode of Let’s Talk: Girl Gamers – To submit a topic for an upcoming episode of Let’s Talk, make sure to comment it below! Please don’t forget to Like, Comment, & Subscribe if you enjoyed my video! :D Also, don’t forget to check out my channel and other networking sites! My personal Youtube channel: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on TwitchTV: Like me on Facebook: Also… check out my guest’s channel: Have an amazing day guys and keep on gaming! :D – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – Change the Game with Website – YouTube – http – VISOGamer –

How The Matrix Should Have Ended

Rating: 3

The cartoon that started it all. Wouldn’t it have made more sense if ALL the Agent Smith’s fought Neo at the same time. What might that have looked like? Get your HISHE shirts now

Coast to Coast AM – Nov 20 2012 – Physics News & Afterlife Communications

Rating: 4 Date: 11-20-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Michio Kaku, Julia Assante In the first half, theoretical physicist and popularizer of science, Dr. Michio Kaku, discussed the latest science stories in the news, including monster solar flares, and the search for dark matter. Lately, the sun has been throwing “temper tantrums,” with some very large solar flares, he said, and as we head into the maximum of the sunspot cycle, “the fear is that one of these solar flares could hit the Earth,” like the event that occurred in 1859, which fried telegraph wires. He also noted that the asteroid Apophis could be a threat to our planet when it flies by in 2029, and again in 2036, though the odds have diminished somewhat that it will be a direct hit. Regarding parallel universes, string theory might eventually prove their existence in other dimensions, he said. As to the concept of the “multiverse,” our universe could be considered like a bubble, and there could be other bubbles existing in a kind of bubble bath, he explained, and sometimes these bubbles bump into each other resulting in something like the Big Bang. What existed before the Big Bang? “We should find evidence of an ‘umbilical cord’…perhaps connecting our universe to a parallel universe,” he posited. NASA is considering launching LISA, a laser space antenna that could reveal data of our cosmological origins, he reported. Beyond the Higgs, he spoke about the next set of particles that could be discovered by the

Meet the Deedles

Rating: 0

Laughter is taken to the “X-Treme” when Hawaiian surf dudes Phil and Stew Deedle are mistaken for Park Ranger recruits in this high-energy comedy. Though these two brothers are ready for any sports challenge from skateboarding to rock-climbing, even their daredevil attitude will be put to the test by Frank Slater (Dennis Hopper), a demented ex-Park Ranger who is living in an underground grotto and plotting a fiendish revenge against the park service that fired him years before. Can these clueless brothers stop Slater from carrying out his plan to steal Yellowstone’s most famous landmark, Old Faithful?



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