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News: Ratings Guy

Rating: 5

The Griffins are selected to be a Nielsen family and have their television viewing habits monitored. However, Peter takes his enthusiasm too far when he steals multiple Nielsen boxes and tries to control the airwaves.

News: BF3 – MG36 LMG Guide With iBornstellar

Rating: 4

Check the description! Please, don’t forget to comment, rate, and subscribe! Thx! :) Please, be sure to check out my channel and subscribe! I specialize in Battlefield 3 videos. I make gameplay videos with commentaries, BF3 news, and BF3 guides, like this one. Assignments to unlock MG36: +100 kills with Light Machine Guns +50 Suppression Assists +50 Ammo Resupplies Battlelog Info: MG36 Machine gun version of the German G36. This MG model is no longer in production. Characteristics: Auto fire – Yes Single shot fire – Yes, although it says No on Battlelog. Burst fire – Yes, although it says No on Battlelog. Rate of Fire – 750 Ammunition – 100 [5.56x45mm NATO] Range – MEDIUM Attachments: Holographic (HOLO) – 10 kills Laser Sight – 20 kills Foregrip – 30 kills Tactical Light – 40 kills M145 (3.4x) – 50 kills Flash Suppressor – 60 kills Reflex (RDS) – 70 kills Suppressor – 80 kills ACOG – 90 kills IRNV scope (IR 1x) – 100 kills PKA-S (HOLO) – 150 kills PK-A (3.4x) – 175 kills Kobra (RDS) – 200 kills PSO-1 (4x) – 235 kills Bipod, Ballistic 12x, and Extended Mag are unlocked by default. The Rifle scope and PKS-07 scope can also be unlocked, but aren’t on Battlelog. Tips: Light Machine Guns are not great at long range, so stick with Medium to close quarters. For Medium range, press the mouse button or trigger lightly to fire controlled bursts while in fully automatic, between 2 to 4 bullets if you don’t want to switch to burst mode. In close quarters, full auto is

News: League of Legends Champions – Ahri Review & Guide (Ep.03)

Rating: 4 for League of Legends (LoL) reviews, videos, guides, screenshots, tips, news and more. for the best free MMORPG and MMO Games. In Episode 3 of League of Legends Champions, Shadee takes a look at Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox! Ahri is an ap caster known for her high mobility, and constant damage. Are you charming enough to take her on? League of Legends Champions is a show about the popular moba game League of Legends (LoL) featuring the League of Legends Champions with plenty of tips, reviews, guides, gameplay and much more. – Join our Community and get BombGold coins! http – Follow us! Facebook: Twitter:

News: 459

Rating: 0

Earth enters into an interstellar war between alien empires.


Rating: 4


News: Hunting Headquarters

Rating: 0

Bud Jacque is a former Merchant Marine looking for his Alaskan wilderness home with his wife, Susan. He’s a man of simple tastes; all he wants is a great view, and somewhere he can spend his days hunting and fishing. She might want a little more.

News: Warzone At The Worksite

Rating: 0

Ronnie’s gotten a raise and a promotion, and Carlos’s jealousy sends him looking for more appreciation.

News: ★ Skyrim – Nord Spellsword Lets Play #2, ft. Darnoc! – WAY➚

Rating: 4

See the full show! ★ ★ TGN Darnoc plays through Bethesda’s new greatest hit as a Nord Sword-Mage. FIRE! Follow Darnoc on Twitter Video by Darnoc and TGN.TV Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click “Like” and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= ▶ TGN.TV — Get more views! See ▶ TGN Times — Get more news! See http ▶ TGN Stratics — Discover Stratics! See ▶ Follow us on Twitter! See http ▶ Join us on Facebook! See

News: Bhagonwali – Baante Apni Taqdeer – Episode 273 – 16-12-2011

Rating: 5

Pappu assures Amma that he will bring prosperity in his constituency and requests her to cast her vote in his favour. Soon, Pappu goes away, leaving behind a worried Neelu. Guddu and Kukkan are also surprised to see Pappu campaigning for the election. Later, Janardhan comes to see Guddu, who gets furious and decides to thrash him as he has not brought any news about Runjhun. However, Janardhan asserts that he has started investigating and has found out that someone from his family is responsible for Runjhun going missing. He then assures Guddu that he will get the complete details and asks him to give some advance cash. Guddu gives money to Janardhan and warns him that he wants the results at the earliest. Meanwhile, Neelu sneaks inside Guddu’s room and starts searching for the property papers, but gets irked when she does not find it. Soon, Amma arrives and gets suspicious to see Neelu in Guddu’s room. However, Neelu makes a story. On the other hand, Janardhan finds some clue which leads him to Pappu. However, before he can inform Guddu, he runs into Pappu’s men, who take him to their boss. Pappu gets furious when he comes to know that Janardhan has been spying on him for Guddu.

News: Free Cheap Trick Concert!

Rating: 4

The video that won us these tickets: The 10 Free Shows We’re Attending: Cheap Trick & Squeeze – July 14th Bad Company – July 27th Heart – July 28th OAR – July 29th Black Keys – July 31st Keane – August 3rd Gov’t Mule – August 6th Barenaked Ladies – August 7th Jackson Browne – Aug 28th Pat Benatar and REO Speedwagon – August 21st – “Jon’s Adventure Vlog” When full-time YouTuber, Jonny Paula, ventures out into the world to do something exciting, he will take you along for the adventure! These videos will be posted sporadically, and when they are uploaded, it’ll be in lieu of “The World According To Jon”. +++++++++++++++++++++++ World According To Jon: Main Channel: Jon’s Twitter: Jon’s Facebook: +++++++++++++++++++++++ Created by: Jonathan Paula An ideo Production – © 2010. ~



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