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Internet Safety

KONY 2012

Rating: 4

What happened to KONY 2012? To find out visit: To see real time reports on LRA activity in the D.R.Congo, Central Afric…

Funny Office Safety Training Retro Video! Hilarious!! 'You and Office Safety' – Safetycare free prev

Rating: 4

You and Office Safety! is the most hilarious video on Office Safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this film is perfect as an eye-catching ice-breaker wh…

Visual Culture Online | Off Book | PBS Arts

Rating: 4

Subscribe to the new Off Book channel at For decades now, people have joined together online to communicate and collaborate…

Zach's Law PSA – Promoting Soccer Goal Safety

Rating: 5

This is a PSA video about Zach’s Law and soccer goal safety. It features the family of Zachary Tran, who died in 2003 when an unsecured soccer goal tipped ov…

Samsung Galaxy S3: Connectivity demo – USB OTG, MHL, bluetooth keyboards/mice, games controllers

Rating: 4 – the best source for Galaxy S3 content! For navigation in the video use these links: USB Pendrive @0:55, 500GB portable drive @2:50, USB hub w…

Don't worry, it's just ESD! (Electrostatic Discharge)

Rating: 4

Know what not to do when testing for ESD! Find out more at Follow me on Facebook: Follow on Tw…

Alex Clare – Too Close (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Rating: 4

Debut album out now on iTunes: Video for Alex Clare’s single Too Close Directed by Ian Bonhote at Pu…

The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0

Rating: 4

Future Internet – Supported by STI International: With over a billion users, today’s Internet is arguably the most successful human artif…

The new Audi A3 Sportback – Sporty, versatile and progressive

Rating: 4

Sporty, versatile and progressive — Audi presents the new A3 Sportback.

Simple 3 Phase Motor Control

Rating: 4

I’ve had people interested in running 3 phase motors from both pulse circuits and standard speed controls. I thought I would familiarize my friends with some standard R/C setups with the controls we are talking about. This way some who are not familiar with the R/C aspect will have an idea how some of the parts are associated. I am providing several links to help you along a little if you’re interested. One of the best places on the Internet to find anything and everything you would ever need to know about building a motor. LRK TorqueMax Group Go Brushless Parts and Kits Winding Diagram And Drawings Speed Controls Servo Adjuster



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